Meetings and socials - keeping yourself in touch

Meet up morning on Saturday 9th July at 11am

Meet up, gathering, whatever we call it, it is for you to meet each other, have a brew and a cake and get to know other volunteers and the Harris. This is a regular thing - now planned for every other month, alternating Wednesday lunch times and Saturday mornings. 

Saturday 9th July, drop in anytime between 11am and 12.30. 










Previous meetings had got a bit information heavy and were starting to feel like formal meetings which they werent supposed to. So we are going back to the drawing board by having the social part of the get together as the most important bit. 

It is held at the Larder which is a really nice little community cafe - all your drinks and cake are free as you are a Harris Volunteer. 

If you are new to volunteering at the Harris then please pop along for a brew - you can meet some of our staff in a very informal way and also other Harris volunteers to find out what they have been up to. 

Information from the Harris to you will now be included in the new volunteer newsletter, being created by the volunteer representatives. 






What's involved?

Coming along to the Larder and having a brew and a chat with other volunteers and staff! Its easy! 

Why get involved?

It will help you to feel connected to the Harris and feel a part of the volunteering team. Especially now that the building is closed. 

How to get involved?

Simply accept the "challenge" and come along! 

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