Welcome on board for newbies

Welcome onboard for newbies on Saturday 8th October at 11am until 12

These are our monthly inductions for new volunteers - or refreshers for existing volunteers that signed up before lockdown and didnt really get a chance to get to know the building.

As you know, the Harris is now closed to the public. It is a little strange at the moment as we are transitioning into being without our building and starting to deliver our work within the community. 

So the induction will be fairly adaptable depending on what your interests are and what you as an individual might need to know. 

We will still go through some of our regular proceedures and routines together and also fill in some important paperwork too. 

It will be led in the main by Kyra our Communities and Volunteers Officer along with an existing volunteer so that you can ask them any questions you like. 

We are looking forward to seeing you!

By the way, there are induction sessions planned for every other month now. 

What's involved?

Come along to the Larder cafe

Meet other volunteers if others have signed up too (there wont be any more than 8 people so dont worry). 

Ask as many questions as you like

Go through some proceedures 

Complete some paperwork 

Have a brew! 

Why get involved?

You need to come along to this really especially now that the Harris is closed

It will help to make you feel more involved

You can meet a staff rep or two from the Harris 

You can meet other volunteers so that you wont be the only newbie

How to get involved?

Log on

Accept challenge

Pop along on the day! 

Ideal Skills

  • Interpersonal skills - listening, speaking, being approachable
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Friendly
  • community engagement and empowerment

Ideal Interests

  • Group work
  • people
  • behind the scenes
  • self development and training

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