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Thank you for your interest in the challenge. We've already filled all our volunteer spaces for this challenge but please take a look at our other challenges.

Marvellous Series of Family/toddler sessions

We are looking for 6 volunteers to make a little team to deliver fun activities for toddlers and families in 3 locations around Preston. You will work alongside a small team of UCLan Student Ambassadors too. (2 of you and 2 of them at each session)

The 3 locations are: 

Ingol Library

Ribbleton Library

St Matthews Mission

Each month there will be three sessions at the different venues and each month will have a different subject theme. UCLan staff have created the themes using inspiration from the Harris' collections and building. The 5 themes which will be rotated one per month are: 

Feb: Art

Mar: Maths

Apr: History

May: Archeology

Jun: English

You will recieve a training session for each theme every month. 

The participants for all the sessions will be parents/guardians/carers with young children from age 0 to 5. 

The dates, days and times for the sessions are as follows:  

Ingol: 10th Feb, 10th March, 14th April, 12th May, 9th June (Fridays) - all mornings 10.30 - 11:30

Ribbleton: 17th Feb, 17th March, 21st April, 26th May, 16th June (Fridays) - all mornings 10 - 11 

St Matthews: 23rd Feb, 23rd March, 27th April, 25th May, 22nd June (Thursdays) - all mornings 10 - 11 


The next training session for Maths will take place on Thursday 9th March at UCLAN at 10:30am until 11am

History training session will take place on Wednesday 29th March at UCLAN at 12pm until 1pm. 





What's involved?

  • Working as a team with UCLAN student ambassadors and community partners 

  • Helping families with small children to engage with The Harris and UCLAN and get to know about opportunities.

  • Helping people to connect to art and culture.

  • Helping families to develop confidence in creativity.

Why get involved?

It will help you develop your own self confidence

You will meet new people that are like minded

You will get to work with young children.

You will be helping to deliver the Harris' outreach programme, keeping people connected to us

You will enjoy yourself

Good experience 



How to get involved?

Accept the challenge!

Wait for a bit more info

Come along to the next training session


Ideal Skills

  • Working with Children 0-5yrs
  • Interpersonal skills - listening, speaking, being approachable
  • Team work
  • Community Engagement
  • compassion
  • patience
  • practical and being hands on
  • Informal learning
  • Creativity
  • welcoming visitors and participants
  • engaging with the public
  • Friendly
  • Positive outlook and approach
  • Helping with workshops and activities
  • community engagement and empowerment

Ideal Interests

  • Creativity
  • Learning and Education
  • Working with the local community
  • Group work
  • people
  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • supporting others
  • welcoming visitors and participants
  • Providing information to the public
  • engaging with the public
  • Cultural diversity
  • Helping with workshops and activities
  • self development and training

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