Things to do to feel good

Thank you for your interest in the challenge. We've already filled all our volunteer spaces for this challenge but please take a look at our other challenges.

Quiz Master!



This is your chance to bring joy! Create a quiz - a different one for each monthly meeting - for the volunteer socials. It will be part of a 45 min social and will be optional and used as either a social prop for those of us that are shy or as a team building tool for those of that want to make friends as part of our volunteering. 

The quiz format is up to you but needs to be accessible. There will be a whole host of interests amongst our volunteers - some might not have been to the Harris before and some wont have any previous knowledge of Preston. Moving around the building or around the outside of the Harris will be fine too - entirely up to you! Will need to be a part of the 45 min social rather than take up the whole time. 

Hopefully 2 people will come forward to be masters of the quiz so you wont be alone and can use each other as a sounding board/guinea pig!

What's involved?

Spending a couple of hours per month to create a quiz for the benefit of others.

Coming up with a juicy theme or plan for the quiz to get everyones little grey cells twitching!

We are going to plan in 4 Volunteer Social Meetings up to Christmas 2021. 

Dates for the monthlies will be:

  • September 22nd Wednesday, 12noon til 1.30pm

  • October 23rd Saturday, 11am til 12.30

  • November 24th Wednesday, 12 noon til 1.30pm 

  • December 11th Saturday, 11am til 12.30 

The quiz will be available as part of the actual social part of the meeting at either 12.30 or 11.30 depending on the day. 

Why get involved?

Great to contribute to a social event and help to put people at ease

Know you are doing a good turn for others!

Will get your own grey cells twitching!

Is not serious so good for you if you need more fun in your life (we all do!!)

Not forever - if you dont like it after the first one you can hand your notice in! 

How to get involved?

Log in to your account

Accept challenge

Wait for the confirmation email to come to you that you are the new quiz master!

Start having sleepless nights as your brain gets over taken with questions and puzzles!

Ideal Skills

  • Working independently
  • Interpersonal skills - listening, speaking, being approachable
  • Team work
  • Community Engagement
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • patience
  • Facilitation in group settings
  • practical and being hands on
  • Generating new ideas
  • Informal learning
  • Creativity
  • Friendly
  • Happy to help
  • Positive outlook and approach

Ideal Interests

  • Working with the local community
  • Group work
  • people
  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • mentoring and buddying up
  • supporting others
  • Creating resources (worksheets, trails, booklets etc)
  • History
  • Fine Art
  • Comtemporary Art
  • Costume and Textiles and other decorative arts
  • Disability and inclusion
  • Cultural diversity
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Helping with workshops and activities

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