Volunteer Meetings and social things!

Thursday 28th September at 4pm: Volunteer meeting and social, at Preston Town Hall


We have a meeting once a month which we would love you to come along to if you can. The meetings are for you to have a chat and a brew and see new faces, find out about what everyone has been doing and generally feel more connected as a volunteer team with the Harris. 

We will have updates from the management team (probably a written update) and from now on, a member of Harris staff will come along as well to tell you about one of their projects and discuss volunteer opportunities with you. 

These meetings are for your benefit to keep you connected better whilst the Harris Building is closed. 

What's involved?

Coming along and meeting other Harris volunteers, getting updates from Harris staff and sharing updates amongst yourselves about what you have been volunteering on. Also of course socialising and having a brew and a cake together. 

Why get involved?

Good way to keep in touch

Make new friends

Share positive experiences

Share negative experiences to get support for constructive solutions 

Feedback to the Harris 

Meet Harris staff 

How to get involved?

Just accept the "Challenge"

Pop along on the day!

Ideal Skills

  • Interpersonal skills - listening, speaking, being approachable
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • community engagement and empowerment

Ideal Interests

  • Group work
  • consultation and sharing ideas and thoughts
  • behind the scenes
  • self development and training

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