Volunteer Meetings and social things!

Volunteers meeting and catch up Saturday 29th June , 11am until 12.30 at the Holiday Inn hotel

Come along to our Harris volunteers meeting and catch up which happens every other month on Saturday mornings. New meeting venue is the Holiday Inn hotel, which is just across the road from Preston Bus Station. The pic below shows the front, to get in you need to walk or drive round the back. Our meeting room is on the 1st floor and is called the Ribblesdale Suite. Come to the main entrance and get the lift up to the 1st floor where reception will show you where our room is. 

This is the chance to see other Harris volunteers, have a catch up and a natter, get updates from Harris staff about what is going on in general and also give your own updates to everyone (this is optional!) on what you have been volunteering on for the Harris if you like. 

Usually we have an update from one of our senior managers either in writing or in person - this is a good way of keeping yourself connected to the Harris especially whilst we are closed. They usually give an update on developments going on inside the Harris. 

We like to hear from you and see you so that you can share with us the things you are pleased with and anything else - including things that you feel are challenging or not going so well. That way we can give each other support and ideas based on our shared experience. 

We all benefit from complimentary hot drinks and cake which is a nice little treat on a Saturday morning, getting you prepared for a good weekend.  

What's involved?

Having a catch up with everyone

Having a chat

Sharing updates and any progress on the projects you are involved with

Meeting Harris staff and hearing from them about the projects they are working on 


Why get involved?

It keeps you connected to the Harris as everyone is involved on different things, in different places with the Harris building being closed 

It's good to meet other volunteers if you are a newbie

It's your time to share with the Harris

Something positive to do on Saturday mornings  

How to get involved?

Accept the challenge

Pop along on the day! Simple! 

Ideal Interests

  • Group work
  • Giving feedback/advice and sharing ideas/thoughts
  • Cultural diversity and equal opportunities
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • behind the scenes

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