Work as a Team

Thank you for your interest in the challenge. We've already filled all our volunteer spaces for this challenge but please take a look at our other challenges.

Help to look back over the last year - a little evaluation team

As we are required to submit this evaluation by the end of September. We think it would be good to meet once every month for one and half hours each time to process the task. The most convenient time we can think of is Tuesdays at 3pm at Preston Town Hall.


Tuesday 18th June, Tuesday 16th July, Tuesday 20th August, and Tuesday 17th September - all at 3pm, Town Hall.

We are looking for 8 volunteers for the meetings to make a team.  

What's involved?

Make a new survey of the opinions of volunteers and collectively we decide on the questions for the survey.

Engage in brief informal interviews of each other.

We can also conduct group discussions to raise new suggestions for the volunteer programme going forward.


Why get involved?

The aspiration behind this involvement is to build and promote better relationships between volunteers as well as Harris staff, looking forward into the future.

How to get involved?

Accept the challenge and come along to the meetings. 

Ideal Skills

  • Interpersonal skills - listening, speaking, being approachable
  • Team work
  • patience

Ideal Interests

  • Group work
  • Cultural diversity and equal opportunities
  • Disability and inclusion
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing

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